Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UCWS - Class of 2012

Well here we are on Graduation Day!!  Yay-We did it Girls & Phillippe :))  I started at UCWS in Feb. 2012 and what a Journey it has been. I met some really great friends, Jay & Pam (can't thank them enough) "Love You Guys"I learned sooo much in 3 weeks. Some of the things we covered were; Formations, Posing, Bio's, Blogging "and" how to deal with the preasures of Real at the same time. At times it wasn't easy and almost gave up, but knew that wasn't gonna be an option, thanks to our supportive staff here at UCWS :))  "You Guys Rock"  The Trainers are "OMG-Amazing"  So much of their time & devotion went into teaching & supporting us. I love you guys so much & can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Look forward to seeing you on the runways!! Thank you Anrol Anthony & Steve101 McCollough for  Giving us this Beautiful Place "I NOW CALL HOME"  Love you so much!!!  xoxoxo  "DREAMS REALLY CAN COME TRUE IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH"

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finals was today OMG

BEFORE: Hello I'm Kari....And This is my before shot of my Avi. It took me almost 8 months to per-fect my image of this Avitar. This is my Model Avitar as well. I love who i have become.

AFTER: This is my after shot....this is how i used to look :)) They call this ruth, which most know who she is, and have been here im sure, it's no fun :)
ANROL: I'd also like to thank Anrol for being here today for us. She's a wonderful lady and a pleasure to work with. Grading the final, was very easy with her even tho the trainers say she's hard. ahaaha just kidding . I'm very pleased with the feedback and the critism...its how we get better and move on. Thank you Anrol for everything and hope to be working with you in ther near future.

Final Exam O.O

This is me with Jaylynn Pam and our Teacher Debbie, I am so excited.  Truly was "Not" as Bad as I thought it was gonna be :))  Today we got to show all that we have learned.  I can't thank the trainers enough for their time and devotion.  They truly are "Amazing"  Love you guys so much. xoxo

I'm still on posting

Well today I did my midtems and OMG I passed. Here is my bio cos Anrol wants it I am so happy to be a CWS Model OMG - How exciting!! KariLicious Resident ( Kari ) ventured into Second Life on February 10th / 2011. Originally from Ontario Canada, but have resided in Alberta Canada for many years now. She's a mom of 3 beautiful children and Gramma to 3 wonderful grandbabies. She works hard in real to thrive at being the best at whatever she has her mind set on, be it work, being a mom or just being there for a friend in need. Kari likes to make people smile and it warms her heart to know she has done all she can as a person with all that her grampa has taught her. Loves him dearly...he's surely missed but always in her heart...RIP xoxo Now when she says venture...kari means just that :) My Best Friend and dear Sister introduced me to Second Life. At first when she told me, I thought she was a bit crazy :) LoL Even said no a Dozen times...Giggles!! Finally after about 6mo. of her asking, I decided to check out what had my Sissy staying up late nites...LoL My First week in, I couldn't believe I was staying up all hrs of the night as well...good grief!! Second Life has definately became a Journey...from walking like a duck, to walking into walls LoL That quickly changed :)) I mean i still crash into walls from time to time but started getting the hang of how Second Life worked. After a little time passed I was told I had to work....ahaha On Second Life I thought :)) I danced for one month, but quickly discovered that wasn't for me. I than started asking around for other types of work. Hostess was something I really thought I could enjoy. I began working at a Country Nite Club and did this for 6mo. And in that time raised enuf money (Lindens) to get my own place. Living on the streets was ok at first but found out the hard way, you end up logging in nude LoL As time went on I found out my interests were gearing towards modelling, so I started looking into it. I came across CWS - Classic W/ Style. I did some research and finally joined in the Group. I attended some of the styling shows and even one fashion show. I really wanted to be a Model but had no idea how I was gonna find the time or even the money. One day in October / 2011 I answered an Add that went out for 5 people to be in a video :)) I thought ok I've seen this add before, I'm gonna go for it this time. I went down to the show, watched it and thought something good was happening but couldnt explain it. At the end of the show they were gonna pick 5 people to participate in the video. To my surprise, they called my name O.O For the first min. I frose :) Was this really happening? The video was aired one month later. That's when it really hit me, I was on youtube as a wanna be model in a Second Life video. I asked my Sis, Am I crazy...she's like "No" ahaha Why she said. I told her and she laughed....Hooked now too? Goodness I said :)) I was given a Scholorship to attend the University and realized this is really happening for me. I'm gonna be a Model. If someone would have asked me a year ago if I thought this was possible...I would have laughed LoL I began my modelling career here at UCWS in February / 2012. And what an Adventure it's been. Haven't looked back, felt like quitting a few times, but came to realize quickly i'm not a quitter. Anrol Anthony & Steve 101 McCullough, I want to Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for giving me this opportunity to be a part of something I've been longing for a long time now. And I can't Thank DebbieDoo TigerFish for believing in me and being the friend I needed to accomplish my Dreams. "YOUR THE BEST GURL" I've met some Truly Wonderful & Amazing People on my Second Life Journey. Red...For getting me hooked :)) ( I will always blame ya sis...but in a good way...ahaah ) Love ya! / Beth for transforming me bit by bit...Love ya Sissy! / Felly...My Mommie hehehe Love you soooo much!! So many people come and go, but it's the one's who are with you til the end that make it all worth while :)))) Love all my CWS Family & Friends for sticking it out with me, even through the hardest times. But it's all been worth the hard work & dedication. I mean the teachers only whip ya when your really bad.....ahaha Jusstttt kiddinggg!!! " CWS - YOU REALLY & TRULY ARE THE BEST " "Thank You Soooo Much For Making My Dreams Come True"