Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UCWS - Class of 2012

Well here we are on Graduation Day!!  Yay-We did it Girls & Phillippe :))  I started at UCWS in Feb. 2012 and what a Journey it has been. I met some really great friends, Jay & Pam (can't thank them enough) "Love You Guys"I learned sooo much in 3 weeks. Some of the things we covered were; Formations, Posing, Bio's, Blogging "and" how to deal with the preasures of Real at the same time. At times it wasn't easy and almost gave up, but knew that wasn't gonna be an option, thanks to our supportive staff here at UCWS :))  "You Guys Rock"  The Trainers are "OMG-Amazing"  So much of their time & devotion went into teaching & supporting us. I love you guys so much & can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Look forward to seeing you on the runways!! Thank you Anrol Anthony & Steve101 McCollough for  Giving us this Beautiful Place "I NOW CALL HOME"  Love you so much!!!  xoxoxo  "DREAMS REALLY CAN COME TRUE IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH"