Monday, February 27, 2012

Finals was today OMG

BEFORE: Hello I'm Kari....And This is my before shot of my Avi. It took me almost 8 months to per-fect my image of this Avitar. This is my Model Avitar as well. I love who i have become.

AFTER: This is my after shot....this is how i used to look :)) They call this ruth, which most know who she is, and have been here im sure, it's no fun :)
ANROL: I'd also like to thank Anrol for being here today for us. She's a wonderful lady and a pleasure to work with. Grading the final, was very easy with her even tho the trainers say she's hard. ahaaha just kidding . I'm very pleased with the feedback and the critism...its how we get better and move on. Thank you Anrol for everything and hope to be working with you in ther near future.

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